The Devil’s Horn hits the streets

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After a busy year, I am delighted to announce that The Devil’s Horn, my debut crime caper featuring Isabel Flores Montserrat, a feisty Mallorcan sleuth, launches this week. It will the first in a new fiction series set on the beautiful island of Mallorca, my cherished home.

Having penned six Mallorca-based travel titles, it was only a matter of time before I allowed Isabel, or Bel, as she’s known locally, to come to life through the pages of a novel. Unlike many protagonists in popular crime fiction today, Bel is not a television, social media, drug or alcohol junkie, and prefers to spend her time enjoying the simple pleasures that life brings. All the same, she does indulge in Chupa Chup lollies and packets of sunflower seeds and let’s not discuss her love of ensaimada pastries and good wine!

Isabel is not disaffected, doesn’t come with a swag bag of neuroses and isn’t hiding a dark and bruised past. She loves her family and close village community, her pet ferret Furó, friends, and gaggle of hens. Every day at 6am she swims at Can Repic beach in her local port and revels in the beauty of her surroundings. Isabel is life affirming, cheerful, eccentric and at times wilful and rebellious but ultimately loveable.

Life in the golden valley of Soller, running her mother’s holiday rentals agency is blissful until out of the blue Isabel is contacted by her old police chief, Tolo Cabot, to help solve some baffling crimes. Reluctantly agreeing to return temporarily to police work (Isabel was a detective in a former life), she and Tolo race against the clock to solve cases that involve a child abduction, violent murder of an elderly recluse and the dubious activities of a drug cartel.

The Devil’s Horn is available at all good bookshops in the UK and Mallorca, and is also available at many bookstores online internationally. It can be purchased on this site or in Kindle and paperback form at “Amazon

I do hope you enjoy it and if you do, would so appreciate a review on amazon, should you have a spare nano. Huge thanks!

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