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    Anna Nicholas

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Goats from a Small Island

by: Anna Nicholas

Grabbing mallorcan life by the horns



Grabbing mallorcan life by the horns

Life is never simple for PR consultant Anna Nicholas as she attempts to cut loose her ties with London for a more mañana existence in rural Mallorca with her family. Despite nearing her dream to open a cattery, she is thrown off course by the abduction of her beloved toad, a scorpion infestation, getting lost in the hills and a growing fixation with ancient goats.

Meanwhile in London she’s coping with loopy new clients – an amorous rock climber, a Bulgarian transvestite couturier and a couple of warring designers. Witty, pithy and brimming with memorable characters, Goats From A Small Island is Anna’s third book about working between two places and a delightful tribute to Mallorca’s rich and varied way of life.


Publisher: Burro Books
Publish Date: Summersdale 2009
Page Count: 320


Ebook, Paperback

Meet the Author
lives in Mallorca and is an author, journalist and inveterate traveller. She has run ten full international marathons and 20 half marathons and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She has been a worldwide adjudicator for the Guinness Book of Records and participates in tough global humanitarian expeditions with British explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell. Together, they took a grand piano to the remote Amerindian Wai Wai tribe in South America: the expedition later became the subject of a BBC2 TV documentary.
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