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    Anna Nicholas

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A Chorus of Cockerels

by: Anna Nicholas

Walking on the wild side in Mallorca


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Walking on the wild side in Mallorca

Life in rural Mallorca continues to hold its magic for Anna and her family.

When not juggling work deadlines, chatting with Johnny the toad, or managing her ever-growing menagerie, Anna sets off to explore the lesser-known areas of the island.

On her cultural and historic voyage of discovery, she visits fig, olive and snail farms, a textile mill, a sobrassada sausage factory and learns of Mallorca’s rich literary legacy. While marathon training in the Tramuntana mountains – a UNESCO world heritage site – she is spooked when delving into the myths and Moorish legends that still seem to haunt the surrounding hills, as she examines the ancient remains of ice houses and huts of charcoal burners and hears tales of terrifying brigands that ruled the area in the seventeenth century. And she even finds time to hike the Camino de Santiago along the way…


Publisher: Burro Books
Publish Date: Summersdale 2016 Burro Books 2019
Page Count: 288


Ebook, Paperback

Meet the Author
lives in Mallorca and is an author, journalist and inveterate traveller. She has run nine full international marathons and 20 half marathons and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She has been a worldwide adjudicator for the Guinness Book of Records and participates in tough global humanitarian expeditions with British explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell. Together, they took a grand piano to the remote Amerindian Wai Wai tribe in South America: the expedition later became the subject of a BBC2 TV documentary.
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